Cherry Red Records is delighted to release Theosophy – The new album by Pete Molinari which pushes boundaries in all directions.

Theosophy sits at that point where, as Muddy Waters put it, the blues had a baby and they called it rock ‘n’ roll.

Here soul, country, blues and rockabilly collide in perfect symbiosis.

The songs tell tales of life, love, literature and compact the singer/songwriter’s many decades of musical influences and his globe-spanning, wandering lifestyle down into a collection that is as uplifting as it lush, as classic-sounding as it is contemporary-minded.

Simply put it is the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll distilled down and delivered in neat shots.

The album includes tracks mixed by Andrew Weatherall and Tchad Blake, and special guests including Dan Auerbach and Barry Cadogan.

Look for Pete Molinari on tour with his band and coming to your town soon.


1  Hang My Head
2  You Will Be Mine
3  Evangeline
4  I Got Mine
5  I Got It All
6  When Worlds Collide
7  What I Am I Am
8  Dear Marie
9  Mighty Son
10 So Long Gone
11 Easy Street
12 Winds Of Change
13 Love For Sale